Ussangoda is a mysteriously beautiful patch of high ground by the sea. Situated on the Colombo – Hambantota road in southern Sri Lanka, Ussangoda spans an area of approximately 20 Acres. It is a protected archaeological site and is also a nature reserve. The area has a Martian aura, with reddish sand that has a hard clay-like texture – very different to the surrounding land. Some believe it is part of a meteorite that made ground zero at this location a long time ago. In Hindu mythology, it is the landing site of King Ravana’s Dandu Monara “Peacock Chariot”. The summit of Ussangoda area pans like a plateau for a significant length all the way to the sea. It is a little known site which was declared as the 21st National Park of Sri Lanka. If you are in the vicinity it is a must, purely for the strange landscape and the mythical folklore attached to it.


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