Our Projects



In the late of year 2012, he established his first step of his vision, the name of RAVAN AVIATION ACADEMY (RAA) and launched with the intention with theme Professional Education Provider in the Aviation field in Sri Lanka  www.ravanaaviation.com .


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Capt. Harsha has expended his social responsibility by establishing the first ever northern province aviation school club at Central College in Jaffna. Furthermore he launched the program targeting rural area schools to have aviation education by 12 lecture series month wise. At the end of this program, these students will be given the aviation credential certificate according to the performance at the examination conducted by RAA. This certificate will be a weighted qualification to get a foreign scholarships with the gained Z score in A/L examination. This program yet to be launched island wide in near future.


Capt. Harsha has founded the first aviation scholarships program from India with the special consideration of Console General of India at Jaffna.


This program is targeting our aviation enthusiasm students eligibility to have overseas scholarships in aviation related professional field such as Aerospace Technology, Aeronautical Engineering, Air Traffic Control and other various aviation professions targeted scholarships.



As per the Capt. Harsha’s concept this mega event has been organized under the theme; ” KITE  TO  AVIATION “. This event will create a wonderful platform for the children dreaming about aviation careers.  The children are free to design and create their own kites and so their creativity thinking will be improved and new impressive kite designs will be brought in to the world. Further our children could be guided to communicate with the sky creatively without an effort through this type of events. Our official website www.rakasl.com (Ravana Aviation Kite Association of Sri Lanka)


2014 – Only Day Time Airshow at Colombo

2016 – Day & Night Time Airshow at Jaffna

Night Kite –

2017 – Ravana Aviation Vesak Illuminating Kite Show on full moon Pay day

In year 2011 he has done a research on  ” How to ensure the food Security in Sri Lanka” and handed over to relevant authorities. There he has brought national strategic plan to cultivate essential fresh foods, strategic plan of food transportation to reduce the prices of essential and demandable foods and strategic plan of food storage to counter any demandable situations. There he has introduced National food transportation system and National Crop Collecting Centers and National Economical Issuing Centers to bring down the essential foods prices to control.


Capt. Harsha Govinda Koralearachchi devotes a considerable amount of his time doing lectures in aviation field and doing his own researches on other fields. He has having 9 intellectual properties so far. His ultimate target is bringing the Sri Lankan national identity to the world.

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