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Left hand side red coloured letter “A” denoted – Aviation

Right hand side red coloured letter “A” denoted – Archaeology

Spider – The one and only symbolic evidence we have in air and remains from the past is spider as it is a builder of filter and catches whatever he wants, the remaining will give us good evidence of air movement and an incident that happened in past. So, main originator of the air sediment in the air itself collected is Spider. Spider is symbolized here as aviation or an air archeologist those who are involved in this subject as his or her professional field.

Spider Net – The net of the spider is the one and only air sediment or remaining that can be seen at human living premises.

Spider’s Arm from anti clockwise denoted as follows

1st Arm – verbal traditional practices

2nd Arm –verbal performances

3rd Arm – verbal art

4th Arm – written texts

5th Arm – verbal literature

6th Arm – folk literature

7th Arm – narratives

8th Arm –Documents, art, carving or any kind of symbols

Spider’s fangs denoted as follows

Two Fangs – Spider uses his fangs to layout the net to catch the flying insects around the area and finally removing the fertilized sources required as his meal without damaging to insects appearance. Likewise spider’s two Fangs symbolized here – analysis the data collected different methods of associated anthropological manner from the existing human society and identified ancient aviation related sites’ sediments or depositions inspections in wise manner under the method of micro archeology.

Colour Red –enthusiasm to know the aviation and related ancient technology denoted by colour Red.

Colour Blue – Aviation is always related with the sky, the colour blue gives you the symbolic atmosphere of this planet earth.

Colour Black –Mystery is always associated with this subject, colour black suggests the mystery associated with ancient aviation archaeology.

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