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Local myths about – Ancient Aviation in Sir Lanka


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Sir Lanka is well known for its great wonders. The unique aero technology used in ancient times is one of them.
Here I would like to request Sri Lankans those who have heard the myths related to ancient aviation, to share your experiences regarding ancient aviation. You are also welcome to share stories you have read regarding ancient aviation and folklores you have heard from your grandparents or senior citizens.

You may use Sinhala/Tamil or English as a language input, you are guided to write your stories in following areas,

• Ancient Pilots
• Ancient Air vehicles
• Ancient Airports
• Paintings related to ancient Aviation
• Carvings related to Ancient Aviation
• Artifacts related to Ancient Aviation
• Traditional Dancing related to Ancient Aviation
• Traditional Music related to Ancient Aviation
• Traditional Rituals related to Ancient Aviation
• Ancient Technology related to Aviation
• Mysteries Locations or Archaeological Sites
• Mysterious legends related to Ancient Aviation

Sketches diagrams, audio and video clips or any other mode can be used to explain your identical myths.







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