Local Myths

Local myths about – Ancient Aviation in Sir Lanka

Sir Lanka is known great miracle and the great mystery in the world. Especially in the ancient time used aero technology is unique among them.

Here I would like open request from Sri Lankan those who are having or heard the myths related to ancient aviation, furthermore you could be included your experienced of heard or read some article or related books about the myths stories about the ancient aviation from you grandparents or senior citizens. You may use Sinhala/Tamil or English as a language for inputs, you may guide to write your myths as following areas,

Ancient Pilots
Ancient Air vehicles
Ancient Airports
Ancient Technology related to Aviation
Mysteries Locations or archaeological sites
Mysterious legends related to ancient aviation

You can used sketched diagramed, audio, video or any other mode to explain your identical myths.


Ussangoda is a mysteriously beautiful patch of high ground by the sea. Situated on the Colombo – Hambantota road in souther