There are various versions of oral and non-oral traditions existing based on aviation with associated ancient sites, especially it’s mentioned in Indian literature the greatest epidemic of Valmiki’s Ramayana. Furthermore Ellora carvings of India, used ancient air vehicles have been clearly carved. There is another important ancient Indian literature named Vimanaka Sathram which gives details of ancient aeronautics.

This context highlights number of questions:

  • Why those information are available with such sites mentioned in literature?
  • What may be the underline reason and/or such connection to past human cultures with those information?
  • How to ‘correlate’ those sites associated oral and non-oral traditions with available archaeological evidence from those sites?
  • How to validate the INFORMATION?
  • Is it possible? Or not possible???

Hence this research has been planned to study of the non-empirical evidence to empirical evidence of social associated various kind of oral and non-oral traditions and to analyze them with existing associated sites in mostly South East Asia where in order to find an answer for the above questions.



Ancient aviation and its associated technology is based on traditional oral and non-oral practices in locally or internationally or mentioned in ancient literatures as imperial evidences and ancient aviation related sites in South most Asia have some interrelationship.





is to collect and study existing oral and non-oral traditions on aviation associated with ancient sites in southern most Asia



Understanding the ancient sites associated oral tradition and non-oral tradition on aviation in southern most Asia




  • By Referring


The available data from ancient Ola leave manuscripts to latest researches in printed and electronic media, Such as;

  • Literature from different sources, library, academic institution
  • Critical reading
  • Critical interpretation
  • Translation
  • Digitizing , aerial photo, remote sensing and analysis
  • Image interpretation, interpretation of ancient art work

  • By Visiting & inspecting

    Visiting the mythological sites related to aviation and inspections about the imperial physical evidence available as mentioned in oral and non-oral traditions.


  • Interviewing

    Interviewing the personal categories as follows


    • Temple head thero, Principals, Garama Sevaks and senior citizen living from pro long time near or closed to methodical ancient sites in Sri Lanka based on aviation.
      Note – specially prepared questionnaire will be used


  • Designing and launching a special web site/ blog with open access worldwide to collect following data (local and international oral and non-oral traditions associated ancient sites based aviation, general public’s and professionals’ ideas or comments or thoughts)

  • This blog is launched based on my post-graduation research intending to collect the data relates on ancient aviation in south most Asia.




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